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Welcome to Salsamás in Munich


Salsamás Pasing - Am Schützeneck 3, 81241 München
Salsamás Maxvorstadt - Schnorrstr. 4, 80799 München

Weekend Practice Evenings

Covid19 - Update!

CURRENTLY, the 2G rule applies in our studios
* Vaccinated (complete) or recovery (complete).

We can only grant you access to the Salsamás studios if you bring the following proof in paper or digital form and show the Salsamás team when entering the studios:
* Complete vaccination protection - with certification 2 weeks after the second vaccination
* Full recovery - with certification no older than 6 months

There is a mask requirement (FPP2) in the entrance area up to the dance floor. We dance without a mask!

1. In the studio in Maxvorstadt only 6 couples are allowed to attend the courses or 10 people in the solo courses (e.g. lady styling or man style courses), so that a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between the couples or participants is maintained can.
2. In the studio in Pasing only 10 couples are allowed to attend the course - or 14 people in the solo courses such as zbs. Lady styling or man style course. so that the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between the couples or participants can be maintained.
3. In the studio in Maxvorstadt, which is located on the ground floor, there are 6 windows distributed in the dance room, which will be tilted / opened during the lesson and thus there will always be fresh air in the dance room. The windows are briefly closed when playing music.
4. In the studio in Pasing, before and after the courses, all doors and windows are opened to ventilate. During the lesson, the large window at the counter is open all the time to guarantee the fresh air supply.
5. The dance areas are marked on the floor so that there is enough distance to the other course participants.
6. There are enough dispensers with disinfectants in all rooms.
7. Dance teachers will teach through demonstration and verbal instruction from their dance area.
8. Participation is only possible with timely registration (at least one day in advance). It is not possible to watch.


- If the incidence value is below 50, it is possible to take part in the face-to-face class without a test certificate. Otherwise, the usual hygiene rules still apply:

1. People with previous illnesses or from risk groups, please take part in our ONLINE courses, they will be broadcast live.
2. Please only appear healthy for the classroom course.
3. Participation in the partner work courses is only possible with a permanent dance partner, there is no change.
4. Come 5 minutes before the start of the course if possible.
5. Comes in the dance outfit (dance shoes can be changed on site), as the changing room is closed.
6. Wait until the trainer lets you into the studio.
7. Keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters from other co-dancers while waiting.
8. Wash or disinfect hands thoroughly when entering the dance room
9. Separate dance areas for dancers or couples are marked.
10. It is not compulsory to wear FFP2 masks during class, but please wear FFP2 masks when entering and leaving our premises.
11. A suitable mouth and nose cover must be worn in the sanitary area.
12. Please do not stay in the premises of the dance school or in the courtyard after the lesson, as there are only 15 minutes between the courses - the rooms must be ventilated and the next group must be let in by the trainer.
13. Hygiene etiquette for coughing and sneezing should be followed.
14. The salsamás trainers must ensure that the hygiene measures are adhered to during their lessons, please follow the instructions from the trainers.
15. By participating in the class and the associated check-in, you agree to the terms and conditions

Dance school Salsamás Pasing

Learn to dance  

Here you can find dance classes - Salsa Los Angeles, Salsa New York, Salsa Cubana, Bachata, Bachata Sensual, Kizomba, UrbanKiz - for singles and couples, for kids and teens, for young and old, private lessons, workshops, partys, shows and entertainment for your wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate party! We are your contact persons for Social Dance in Munich – Salsamás Munich!

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Nice people and a friendly atmosphere await you in our dance classes. Whether young or old,
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Our offer: Our team teaches Salsa Los Angeles, Salsa New York, Salsa Cubana, Bachata, Bachata Sensual, Kizomba, UrbanKiz in two studios in Munich - Maxvorstadt and Pasing. Here you will get fit and find a small holiday in the city!