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Salsa Beginner II

This course builds on Beginner I. The learned elements are combined into small figures (Pick a Boo / Copa, Left Rotation) and varied in different forms. Also, further construction elements are shown - your basic knowledge is expanded and deepened. The focus of this class is also the turn and the contact of the two dance partners. The basic elements are extended (Inside Turn, Outside Turn). Six months is the recommended periode of this class. Always new figures and combinations will be shown. With the end of Beginner II you will be prepared for all the challenges you will have in the intermediate classes. 

Course fee:
Single registration: 69 € p. Person (4x 60 min.) / Students: 59 €
Couple registration: 59 € p. Person (4x 60 min.) / Students: 49 € p. person
10-card: 219 € / students: 199 €